WK 2 – Artist (MAC)

artist wk2.fwI decided to do my first artist post on Maccabee Shelley also known as Mac. From the looks of his work I take it that he’s a really extraordinary guy. He seems down to earth, having the fact that he does most of his work out of glass and bottles. I find that amazing to make something look incredible out of something that was once nothing. Honestly all the sculptures I had seen in there all had some factor I liked about them and I would go back again just to see them! One of the things that Mac said about his ceramic sculptures is that each one gives him a clue on how to do the next piece of art. This stood out to me because in some way maybe all his work connects with each other and that means something. Now I know I am not an art major or don’t have too much knowledge with it but I can tell that what he does, he really enjoys it. I think that we need more people out there like him because not only does it make themselves happy but others as well because we are blessed to see it! At first I figured that people helped Mac do his work but I found out that he does it all by himself! I find that amazing and how each of his work have their unique shape, color and vibe to it. For example here is a picture of one that stood out to me that looks stunning. I mean how does it take that unique shape and looks the way that it does. Not to mention being made out of glass and or bottles! If you don’t think that is phenomenal than I don’t know what is. So I highly suggest you take a look at Maccabee Shelley’s  incredible art work in the Gatov gallery East at csulb. You’ll be glad you went! IMG_6082


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