Wk-2 Painting

Wk-2 PaintingSo for this assignment I decided to go to Venice Beach to spray paint my name in bubble letters. It was a great experience and I didn’t even know that just anybody can do that! The majority of the work that I saw looked so perfectly done and pretty amazing. I’m pretty sure that most of the people that go there are experienced but for me not so much. I actually tried twice and I kind of got the hang of it the second time. Either way I felt that it came out pretty good having the fact that I have never spray painted before. It’s actually way harder than I thought but it was still enjoyable. I would totally go back there again on my own or with friends just to do it again and maybe even get better at it! I’m glad I went to Venice to do this project because it’s just a totally different experience than if I were to just do it in my backyard or somewhere else. This was actually my second time at Venice beach and the first time I did stop to look at all the art work on those walls and took a picture with it. I’ve always had an eye for those things and enjoy looking at it and what might its story be behind each one of them. I never would have thought that I would or even could have my work on it as well! I’m so glad I went and I can’t wait to go again and I hope if you weren’t able to go that you will someday! art110 me


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