Wk-3 Artist [The Grime]

I Don't Understand So This Thursday it was a lot tougher for me to choose an artist for some reason but I think I found a pretty extraordinary one or should I say two. At first I had listened to another artist and don’t get me wrong her work was amazing too but when I kept walking around looking at other galleries one stood out to me.

(Sorry about it being so long but it’s worth the reading, enjoy!)

The GrimeThey were known as “The Grime”, and I found that name very unique to start off with. The one to the right, in red was the artist that I was in awe of her masterpiece, but I’ll get into detail about that later on. Her name was Tidawhitney Lek and I wasn’t able to get her friends name but she also sounded like an amazing artist. Reason why I felt this was a one of a kind artist was because the way she talked about her work, I have never heard anybody else speak about it in such another level. She is only 22 and to have so much talent at that age she shouldn’t go unnoticed as well as her friend. When I had walked up to them they were already having another conversation with two other girls and something just caught my attention. She was crying while she was explaining her piece called, (I Don’t Understand) and I was curious why and I wished I was there since the beginning but I heard enough to know that she was a true artist. The way she talked about her work was just so passionate that it just draws you in to another level. Her masterpiece was full of every emotion you can think of and they all intertwined to make one stunning piece. She mentioned that it was hard to do this piece because of hindrances she faced like money, resources, no sleep, and even manage her time while still having homework that needed to be done. For a person to go through all that and still make work like hers is one of a kind and I respect that. Bottom line she said no matter what the problems she has faced or will it is all worth it.

I Don't Understand So this brings me to my next and final most important point her masterpiece. This caught my eye the second I walked into the gatov-east gallery and it was the first I saw and I took a picture etc. But I kept walking to look at other art and artist but none compared to this one. The name of it was, “I Don’t Understand” and it is on an oil canvas. Just looking at it just makes be feel like I’m in another dimension. I can stare at this all day and the way she explained each and every detail about it made me love it even more. Tidawhitney Lek states, “when she looks at it, it connects a lot with her whether good or bad but she pulls through giving it her all.. besides there is nothing to lose.”


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