Wk-3 Classmate (Mary)

MarryEvery Thursday I am honored to meet someone new!

This time it was Mary, who seems like a pretty great person. What I found out about Mary was that she is a freshman at csulb like I am. We had a couple things in common like our favorite color was blue, we love to shop, and we both have not been on an airplane! Pretty neat I thought, I also found out that she is from Sacramento! So she dorms here at Long Beach and she says she likes it and it’s also a great way to meet new people. On her free time she watches Netflix and I mean come on who doesn’t love it?! So I agree with her on that one. Something interesting is that she also draws on her free time and I’m sure her work is impressive.

Mary is also undeclared and she isn’t quite sure yet on what she wants to do but she has an eye out for art and I think she should go for it! Her taste in music is that she likes all kinds and it depends on her mood and I totally agree with that. She likes all kinds of foods and I’m the exact same way but one in particular is SUSHI! And unlike Mary I only had sushi one time and that was barely this year! But she told me there are many kinds and I can’t wait to try another.

So I suggest you get the chance to meet Mary and maybe buy her drink preferably Boba because that is her favorite and find out more about an incredibly new person!


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