Wk-3 IG Post (Group Portrait)

GROUP PORTRAITAs I seen the different ig post with the #Art110s15 I noticed that each of the post that I saw were in someway related to art. Our “Group Portrait”, were all different whether in the context and what kind of picture it was but they all in some way connected and that’s through art.

Yes, they were all different, so different in fact but each told something about their own lives or something about them which was great! Whether it was something they liked or what they do on a daily basis describes who each one of us are and that is the art that is in each one of us individually. I found it fascinating and I think yes we are all different but our actions in some way will affect someones life and I find that fascinating.

So I was debating on whether doing another instagram or just putting it on my original ig that I already had. As you can see I made a new one! The only difference between the names is that this one says moon which is actually my last name in English. My last name is Luna and that is in Spanish and you get the picture.

I was pretty excited making another one because I felt that I stepped out of my comfort zone putting pictures I usually don’t on my own ig but also like I said I might use it for my photography who knows.


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