Wk-4 Artist [Post Tenebras Lux]

artI got the chance to see the extraordinary art of Daniel A. Rivera-Echeverria. This stood out above all the rest. I found the name of his work very interesting and unique, it was called “Post Tenebras Lux”. Something interesting about our activity this week was about performance art and that is some of what Daniel does. It’s neat to hear all the types of arts he does for example some more of them involve painting and photography, which is pretty talented.

Ever since he was young he was always fascinated with art he said if he didn’t have a piece of art in his hand, he would feel empty. When he said that, I felt that is what a true artist is all about. His work from what I saw is unique and something I have never seen before but was very interesting to look at. Every artist goes through criticism and one scenario that he said had happened to him was that when he had talked to a professor about it, he was not all in favor of his work but in the end of the conversation when the professor knew what it was all about and gave the artist a few tips he ended up liking his work!


So a little bit more in detail about this certain piece of art, is that it has an amazing meaning to it. Reason why I chose to write about it in the first place,  on top of how incredible it looks. This picture below shows a little more closer to his work and detail of how it looks. The meaning behind it is that it is ripping away from the painted canvas so just as individuals we need to break away from traditional thinking and find ourselves. “The absence of light, or adversity can create the potential to illuminate a chance to better ourselves.” So great advice from the artist, find who you truly are and if it is different than the rest, even better just be yourself and stay humble.art peice


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