Wk-4 Classmate (Lacey)

So this Thursday I got to meet Lacey Alaniz, who is a freshmen just like me! She is from Huntington Beach and dorms here at Cal State Long Beach. Her major is History but she might change to marketing, good thing we are freshmen because we still have a little more time to look for a steady major that we enjoy.

classmateOne thing I found interesting about Lacey is that she’s Christian just like I am! And we both went to a private Christian school which has way less kids than a public school. She has many colors that she likes but black is one of them that stands out to her. On her free time she likes to hang out with friends and of course go to the movie, and I couldn’t agree more! Just like Lacey I can’t agree on one favorite movie since we watched so many! In high school she played field hockey and I found that neat since my school never had that but it’s such a great sport! It’s funny how Lacey and I both agreed that high school sports kept us fit and active and now since we are no longer in one it’s up to us to do it on our own and that’s not so much fun but we can do it!

Now I know there is so much more to know about Lacey, so I highly suggest you meet a great outgoing person like her! And while you are at it take her to LACMA! And of course don’t forget the  food because it makes everything better preferably sushi or pizza one of Lacey’s fav!


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