Wk-4: Performance Arts

So this assignment was the toughest for me thus far, maybe because I’m not the type of person to get out of their comfort zone but after these last two weeks I would consider myself other wise. I have had a great leap to just doing more spontaneous things and I’m all in favor for it! I really enjoy doing things I never really thought of doing or even imagine myself in doing. For some people I’m sure it doesn’t compare to them but I’m just starting so it might not be extreme but its a start to letting go and getting out of my comfort zone.

My pics nearly don’t compare to an epic flash mob or a fantastic performance arts but I did what I could and I believe doing something out of the ordinary that you never thought you would do and having a great time while doing it and willing to it again is a performance arts for me!

So since I’m not 100% out of my comfort zone just yet but soon will be, I decided to take four pics and express a little bit of what I would never think I would do. And if I may say I had fun doing each one of them and I can’t wait to go above and beyond!

sponFirst off painting at Venice Beach was amazing! I never really thought I could or would do this and I had a great time doing it. One for the books!

Another one of my favorites was when I went to target and bought so many pillows! Jk I decided to take a nap and woke upsleeptarg surrounded my pillows! Now that I look back I wish I had more pillows! haha but it was so worth it.

 minionMeanwhile at target, I thought of myself as a giant and I happened to kiss a prince, who goes by the name Minion and by the looks of it he liked it! fingers crossed!

beachSo last but not least I decided to wear an elegant dress to the beach. I know it isn’t crazy but for me I would have never wore a fancy dress at the beach but hey it was something out of my comfort zone and it was fun!

After all this I can not wait to do more spontaneous things and have exciting moments just like these. Not only am I getting out of my comfort zone but maybe I can get a taste of what performance arts really is.


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