Wk-5 Artist (Work Hardened)

FullSizeRender-3 So in the gatov east gallery there was an exploration of metal arts, called Work Hardened. It is a group that displays jewelry and sculpture metalwork. This exhibition represented a collection of the materials and techniques that are developed through metals.

One that stood out to me in this exhibition was a display of a chest artistgame that was stunning. It was by an artist named Brianna and sorry if I have misspelled her name but her work was very talented. Although there was only a few of her work displayed there, next week she will have more and I can’t wait to go check that out!

This piece was just astonishing, the way it was set up to the detail work with it. She said she loved the game of chest for quite a while so that could be the reason for this art piece. A little more about how she made this fantastic piece was she told us that she polished them with a metal machine aluminum and as you can see in the picture below on the bottom is sand so perfectly placed to complete the piece. It is so detailed and well done that it’s something I really enjoyed looking at and learning how it connects to her life or just why she has done it. So as I said before this was only a few of her work, so make sure next week you check out more amazing pieces of her art work and I can assure you it will be exciting to look at! And hopefully I can know more about such a unique artist.art


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