Wk-5 Classmate (Gibson)

classmateSo this Thursday I met this guy here on the right named Gibson!

A few interesting facts about Gibson is that he is a freshmen like I am! He is a film major and I know for a fact he will succeed in that field! Gibson has done so many incredible things already involving film so he’s ahead of the game. And if I may also point out that he has been to the Grammys, Golden Globes and Academy Awards! I mean what else has he done? Oh theirs more, you know that major selfie that Ellen Degeneres took? yeah Gibson was right near them! It’s amazing what he has done and I’m sure when he completes his goal in becoming a film director he will be right there with them. So don’t forget about me when you’re famous!

From the little that I found out about him, I can totally tell he’s a very cool and interesting person. He is from Oregon so you can guess he dorms here at Cal State Long Beach and he says for the most part he likes it but he does admit he misses his moms cooking! I mean who wouldn’t miss their own mothers cooking? Personally I know I would be too, just like Gibson does! His favorite color is Turquoise and the music he likes the most are hip-hop and rap. He said both old school and new rap or hip-hop is what he enjoys listening too. Keep that in mind, so when you hear some hip-hop or rap music bumping in a car check to see if its Gibson! and if it is make sure you get the chance to meet an incredibly cool guy like him who is on the road to do big things! You’ll be glad you met him!


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