Wk-5 [Kickstarter]

So for this assignment we have to pick four ideas from two categories on Kick starter that we like and do not like.

And the 1st I have chosen is from the fashion category. I started with the one I do not like which is suppose to be about fashion bIMG_7408ut to me I don’t think it is. It sounds kind of harsh but I thought it was “lame” because of its whole concept. A shirt that has a game on it, really? I think guys have to do way more than that to flirt with a girl or even like him first of all. It isn’t attractive I mean its kind of funny but it just doesn’t make sense. I mean what happens when you wash it or I just think it is not even necessary. On top of that it is $30 I think its alot for a shirt I’m a female and I wouldn’t even buy a shirt for that much. So brings me to my final point guys don’t really shop and if they do they don’t spend as much as woman so I doubt they will buy this and I hope they know it won’t get them girls.


Now my 2nd that I do like on the category of fashion is this one. It is basically yoga pants but other clothing like shirts and they all symbolize a type of yoga of inner peace. So you like what you wear I liked the flowers on it but just the style of it too. The concept of it revolves around yoga, hence yoga pants but they seem like they have other clothing as well. I can see myself wearing these type of clothing and yoga fascinates me because its very relaxing. So if you know you are going to have a long day why not wear their clothing like yoga pants and just relax throughout the day while being comfortable. I love their logo as well, “My Body My Template, Make it Beautiful.” IMG_7409


Now my other two, I have chosen from the category of food. Which I thought would be great having the fact that I love food.The first I was not in favor of though. I know I’m not vegan and I don’t have anything against it but trying to make a hot dog into a plant based food type of concept doesn’t make any sense to me. The whole idea of a hot dog is meat and I don’t think there is much that can be done to change that. Yes her food is healthy but call it something else why get the idea from a hot dog which has nothing to do about plant based foods? The fact that the idea came from hot dogs doesn’t make any sense to me she should pursue her great idea with another concept behind it.IMG_7412


Now my final choice is about food as well but this one I like. now I’m sure everyone loves sweets and I do as well and one of my favorites are cookies. I’m a bit picky with cookies because I feel homemade are the best kind and the video I watched are homemade cookie sandwiches and they look delicious! NOMsense Bakery seems like a great new twist on cookies in general I would really love to try these and I know others will as well. The whole concept of it being a unique name and looking like they have so much flavor added to them makes them stand out above the others. This video isn’t long whatsoever and I know this picture isn’t great but if you watch the video you will see that these cookies look Delicious and better than any other one I have ever seen!IMG_7415



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