Wk-6 Classmate (Kat)

classmateSo this Thursday I got to chance to meet Kat, who is also a freshmen and is inspired to become a Nurse just as I am!

Her picture/quote should be read because it was very interesting and unique, so reason being that is why I choose to use this picture, other then the fact that we forget to take a pic together, this ones better!

We share a great passion in the medical field and I feel that she will do great in it! She also has a strong liking in art and it pretty much runs through her family. Her dad is also interested in art and does it on the side and his mother, her grandmother from Russia, I would already consider an artist! She told me that she has done some sort of mosaic mural and not many people are talented with that but her grandmother seems to be. I fount that neat and pretty amazing what her family has accomplished.

Kat has lived in many places across the world! like Maine,Missouri, Sacramento and so forth, all lovely places but her favorite is where she is now, California and for many reason! So you can already guess that she dorms here and what she misses most about being home is the laundry, which can be a drag at times.

We talked about many things but the main subject that we both loved was Nursing! It felt good to talk to someone who is on the same boat as I am, and shares the same passion in that field. I wish her the best of luck in becoming a Nurse and I feel that if you are that passionate in becoming a nurse nothing can stop you from achieving that goal! I hope we both become an RN someday.

Overall she was a great person to meet! So I suggest you get the chance to meet her and wish her a Happy Birthday this April on the eleventh!


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