Wk-6 The Extraordinary Artist: Colette Brown {Flow of Information}


fav artThis Thursday in the art galleries, I had the privilege to see something unique and incomparable to all the other arts I have ever seen. Although I am not an expert in the arts, I can tell when something is unbelievably unique and above all the rest. This must have been one of my favorite arts thus far.

So if you are reading this and were unfortunately not be able to seeart this amazing work you missed out on, bear with me while I explain in depth why this is one of the best, out of all the arts I have ever laid my eyes on, thus far.

At first I was a bit lost in what I was searching for in this exhibit, but once I looked beyond what I can see and how great the artist explained her work, I had a better understanding as to what I was looking at and enjoyed it even more.

From what the artist, Colette Brown explained to me about her masterpiece, is of the concept, “Flow of Information” that the brain receives. The artist Colette Brown wrote, “All information is in the past by the time it is processed in the brain” and she drew a perfect diagram that explains the information we receive  and the interesting process it takes to be interpreted through the brain.artist

The artist, Colette Brown was such a great person to meet! she is in her last semester here at csulb and Majors in Art, as you can see she’s very talented and Minors in Psychology were she got some inspiration from for her work. She explained into detail how she did each segment of her work and it amazes me how she did each part of it to make it come out perfect. Colette was honored to have her work in the art galleries because their are only certain people for example a grad student, who can show their work there, but Colette being a general student of art, was selected out of the many to be apart of it. And I’m glad she was because people are able to see the incredibly great work she can do!

art pic stripsNow about her work, As you can see from the pictures the strips on the left side of the room, were strips of the ends of each individual photography she all placed accordingly. I found that neat and in fact it was my favorite part. It was her first time binding books but the technique was that she cut the ends of the book, and started binding them herself creating a thin book. So just as the photographs being the ends of it so were the binding of the books that was on the right side of the room. What was neat about it was that I got to feel the binding of the books aart booksnd look through them.

I even made it my screensaver!

i like it so much art

 fav art


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