Wk-6 “Yarn” Bombing w/ fiber

IMG_7666 So in my “yarn” bombing experience I used “fiber” in order to perform this assignment and “play with fiber”. I actually liked doing this assignment and it was also excited just as the graffiti bombing! But unfortunately I had to use fiber because I wasn’t able to buy yarn, but it was just as exciting to do! IMG_7656 (1)On my trip to FA2 I saw some pretty neat things over there! One in particular, I would say would be this, I love it’s colors and designs all put together. I found it fascinating the things that were there and the color, is what caught my eye and of course it’s unique design as well as texture just made by someone else is fascinating to me, so I really enjoyed looking at the incredibly great things there!IMG_7659

The funny thing was that I had to babysit that day, but the kiddos helped me out so that was neat! I vandalized my aunts front house, but she ended up liking it! And her kids loved to do it as well, being the fact that they are only two years old and the other eight they had fun! And as did I. It was really cool to do and since I was doing it with the kiddos I had to fix a few things here and  there but it was pretty easy for the most part and I really  enjoyed doing it! I felt that it just gives a positive atmosphere and makes you think hey that’s pretty crazy and at the same time like it did with my aunt, made her laugh and smiled which I guess could be apart of my goal if I were to do something like that again. Just make someone smile and let them know, hey it’s okay to smile! I really enjoyed doing this and sharing it with others!


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