Wk-7 Artist [Par’a’dox] & “The Printing Process”

In the art galleries this Thursday I hade the privilege to see the amazing work of Clare Samani. She enjoys the printing process since it is an art that people may not know too much about, but it is capable of doing amazing work. She works in both color and non-color depending on her piece. It takes a vast amount of hours to finish this masterpiece, she said 6 hours to print which is not her favorite process solid screening and other which requires sketching and so forth.

IMG_8023This one in particular I found simply amazing. Near her name there was a quote she wrote that said, “I know that I know nothing at all”. Another reason why this one caught my eye the most. I do like art in color but this was meant to be black and white and it suits it perfectly.

This was in the printing gallery where “printing process takes place, and its theme is Paradox IMG_8024which is a statement that seems to contradict itself but may nonetheless be true. So how I believe that ties in with the work of Clare, the artist is that yet it is true that in this picture the girl may know something they think they know but once they find out more of I, then they nothing of it at all. It makes you think about every aspect in life.IMG_8025

Speaking of the printing process there are a lot of neat techniques that they use in order to achieve their masterpieces. I went to FA1 and was able to see all the neat equipment that they use in order to perform their work.

I took a few pictures of how they look and it did surprise me since it looked like heavy machinery and tough to do, but they still seem to do an excellent work and I applaud them for that. The atmosphere of all the equipment that they do and the tedious process that needs to be done all before they finish, makes it that much unique and great to accomplish.IMG_7771IMG_7764


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