Wk-7 Life & Death Portrait

So thinking about this project at first, I would say made me think it was unusual to do and that I wouldn’t know at all what to do. As the week went on I thought about it and I found it interesting to do and believe it or not it was something I have never thought I would do. IMG_8017

If I would have thought of where by “death” would be I would want to be surrounded by a positive atmosphere and great people.

So I decided why not at the Holi Festival, which is a holiday that the Indian culture celebrates of the coming of spring. And they provide paint that symbols happiness and good vibes among one another. In fact it is the happiest event of all in every year and their model is “happiness, love, and joy” and while you are their that is all you feel around you, which is great!

What people do there is just enjoy the vibe while listening to music, having a great time, and just enjoy life and respect one another. So if “death” would ever come my way, before I go to heaven I would want my life to end surrounded by people who care for one another and enjoy life to the fullest.



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