Wk-8 Artist: Nolan Reiter

So in the art galleries today, I  got the chance to see some remarkable Printmaking. The meaning behind each masterpiece was what had drawn me into the exhibition even more. When it comes to each work, the colors, graphic design, and just the meaning of each portrait all come together into an extraordinary exhibition. IMG_8166

This one in particular is my personal favorite, not only do the colors and picture speak for itself, but the meaning for this masterpiece was 10x even more greater.

I’ll get into depth of each masterpiece later on, but first let me introduce one of the artist of it all!

His name is Nolan Reiter, he is a a BFA IMG_8170Printmaking major, he seems like such a great and humble guy. He works with a variety of neat stuff, such as graphic design, drawing, printmaking and in particular silk screening. Nolan said that his past 5 year college experience have greatly influenced the way he viewed the world and by exploring the world of what he has already, he has used these vibrant colors of silkscreen art posters to represent respectfully a few of the diverse cultures including his own the he has encountered.

So the reason I bring up Nolan’s past experience with the world is because each of his work has something to do with it. Hence, the reason why each one of them are so significantly explained and beautifully done!

IMG_81634.5 Miles:So the first one that I saw in the exhibition was this one, my first thought was it was a just an oil container. Once I read the meaning of it though, hence the name 4.5 miles was that it was inspired by the average distance it took in Africa or Asia in order to get clean water. Where here we have easy access to it, but this jerry can was the actual size it was to fill up with water weighing only 45 pounds.

IMG_816913,611 x 18: Now this one represented lets say a father, and the based on the statistics the money it costs to raise a child from birth to 18 in the US is $245,000 whereas other countries in the world the parents expect their children to repay them all their expenses up until the age of 16. I found that crazy, just how the US is so different than any other country!

IMG_8168Tower of David: Now this one seemed a little different amongst the rest in my opinion, but it had something to it that made me keep looking at it. It is a half-finished skyscraper aka Tower of David and it was said to be that one could live in that tower without ever having to come out. But the tower had a darker side and earned notoriety as the city’s center of crime. Which I figured the face was for.

The Nothings: The nothing or IMG_8165The Zabbaleen is a word that means garbage people in Egyptian Arabic. They collect garbage is then transported to their homes and where 80% is then collected into recycling. This community is considered to have one of the most  efficient recycling system helping them rise out their impoverished conditions.

IMG_8166Untouchable:  Now my personal favorite, was this one and it was inspired after learning the “Scheduled Castle” that is known in India. the treatment that is over their is unclean and their failure to receive basic rights inspired Nolan, the artist to create the art  that acknowledges them as unequal, and inspires more in depth to do something of the problem. Many people do not know what else is out there in the world that people may face, so we should be cognizant to more than just what is around us and maybe even put a helping hand out.


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