Wk-8 Classmate (Joseph L.)

So today I got the chance to meet Joseph! He is a sophomore here at csulb and he has a great interest in Kinesiology. Pretty great major considering the fact that he loves sports. Also in the high school he previously attended which was Gahr High school, he not only played football but also tennis!  Our schools actually played against one another and remembering Gahr since I played basketball in high school they had a pretty great team and I’m sure all their other team sports were great as well!

It was pretty cool finding out that Joseph was a Christian just like I am and he pointed out that he might actually transfer to Biola University which is a great private school and maybe even play tennis there! Either way if he goes there or stays at long beach I can tell he will accomplish a lot in life. So I wish him the best of luck on whatever is decision he ends up making!

So if you see Joseph around get the chance to meet him and say hi! He seems like a great guy from when I talked to him and very interesting to talk to also! IMG_8162-1


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