Wk-9 Classmate [Kasi]

So I got the honor to meet Kasi who is from Cypress and loves the color PINK! She also has two older sisters just like me and she enjoys running.

Kasi happens to be graduating this year! I find this very exciting! She was a very nice person to talk to, she even gave me a few tips on what my major should be and just how to get through these four years at csulb! She said she enjoyed her experienced here at Cal Sate Long Beach.

Her major is communication and she has a great passion for it, which made her enjoy her classes even more. She really enjoys working at Nordstrom and she even has her cosmetology license! She seems to be doing great at this point in time of her life and I wish her the best as she graduates and starts her next step in life!

Goodluck in all that you do Kasi and never give up, you have come this far and it only gets better from here!

Congrats soon to be Grad! It was a pleasure meeting you!IMG_8559


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