Wk-9 Architecture; Urban Planning

For this weeks activity I got the chance to draw a cognitive map for CSULB, adopt a building here, and also redesign our campus. The process of all three was very interesting to do and look at our school in another way. I found out more about my school and got to semi redesign it to my liking.

The first thing I did was a Cognitive Map of how I view Cal State Long Beach and what I pictured was a lot of buildings and of course green! The majority of csulb in my perspective was full of trees and plants which I love. So as you can see on my cognitive map I have lots of trees and flowers. I truly love this campus, even though it is very large to walk, I enjoy looking around and seeing all of the beautiful scenery it withholds.IMG_8502

Now for adopting a building I decided to choose, CBA college of business administration. It took me a while to find abuilding to talk about since they have so many and it is my first year here at csulb, but I think I got a pretty good one. CBA seems like a very unique building when it comes to it color and shape it doesn’t compare to any other building on campus. I really like this building and it seems funny to say but I do, because of how it is constructed. If you think about it, it is a pretty big building and it has a lot of space around and in within it. It has a quad in the middle of the building which is a nice place to just sit and relax, which I usually do. FullSizeRender (1)This is first year here at csulb and since the very first day I have always had a class here and I just wanted to show my appreciation towards it. FullSizeRender (2)

Now the last and final part was to redesign the campus if you had to do so, and honestly from my point of view I see nothing wrong with this extraordinary campus. I like it just the way it is and I am sure many unique individuals put there intelligent minds together to form this great campus.FullSizeRender (6) It has so many aspects that you would love to see and just make you feel at home, and of course if you dormed here even better. It satisfies every individuals needs from the wonderful sculptures, to its beautiful nature, and amazing location to sit and relax to enjoy your day. FullSizeRender (3)I really like my campus and I can’t seem to think of something I would change, since it is already beautiful in many ways It suits everyone and I believe it makes a great environment for every student here at csulb. FullSizeRender (5)I know it may be a drag to walk from a far distance, but just the way it looks, I have experience that I just look at the amazing scenery around and soon enough I am already at my class.






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