Wk-9 Artist [Michael Rollins]

This exhibition displayed marvelous art paintings on an oil canvas.IMG_8491 The artist, Michael Rollins presents in all his work a connection that leads back to visual pleasure and distributions. The theme of the exhibition is freedom with directness and a physical, expressive, and animalistic aspects of his own personality.

This one in particular, of his work was my favorite above the rest, and it was because of its vibrant colors and unique name.”Conflict Flow” was the name of this, and many of the paintings are abstract with different meanings to diverse people. It is a representation of a sort of sci-fi concept and it has a feel to it that is your own trust instinct. The color has a tie to the world that we all live in and it shapes an idea that through the paint we see what happens through the eyes of the world.IMG_8478IMG_8480



Now some more information about the artist who made all this develop into something great. His name is Michael Collins and seems like a very unique guy who knows what he would like to do with his work and does so efficiently. Like I previously said he paints from a mind set that views the world and allows him to embody the freedom of directness he or his viewers may connect with the world. FullSizeRender (4)His idea with each individual art piece is that he has a visual of what he would like to do so and what helps him, is when he looks at his work and then at a white wall and back to get a feel of the next step. He will do this process  each time in order to finish that certain piece. I found that quite interesting and I could see why, because it brings him to another view of how he may view the world.


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