Wk-10 Classmate (Andrew)

So this Thursday in Art110, I got the chance to meet Andrew L… once again.

Andrew who is a sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach, majors in management and tends to like it for the most part. He loves sports and enjoys playing them, for example, one in particular is basketball. I also played basketball in high school so I could see why he would love to play that sport, and he also likes to play soccer. From what I remembered, I believe he said he is on a club team, which is pretty neat.

He told me he was from New York, and I have always wanted to visit there! He is also the only child, whereas I have two older sisters. I asked if he was spoiled since I figured the majority of being the only child are, he was not. He is independent and works hard for what he wants. I think everyone should have this mentality, and it’s good that he does.

His favorite color is maroon, and the type of food he loves is all of the above. I have talked to Andrew before so I already knew some facts about him, but it was cool to talk to one another once again!



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