Wk-10 Student Choice (My Art)

IMG_0240Process for poster above: Hand drawn, Covered in Tissue paper, and Chinese Symbols.

This weeks activity, I created an art technique process for the student choice. I remembered doing an art project in high school, and I decided to take a visit to my old high school to one particular teacher, my art teacher. I remembered enjoying this class very much and it was not until I had this class currently, I remembered all about my previous teacher. We were assigned a lot of activities that involved several unique techniques that we performed and learned about. In my current art 110 class I have learned about several art techniques that these amazing artist present, and share with us in the art galleries. For example print making, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, and a lot more.

This one that I made is one art technique as well, it is made with the texture of tissue paper. When I was first assigned this project I had no idea I was capable of performing this. My first instinct was that it as way too hard to draw and put tissue paper on top of it. As I proceeded on working on the assignment I realized that it was very exciting to do, and I loved every part of the process. I never had thought that tissue paper can look so nice as a fill to a drawing that brings out its colors. It was ordinary tissue paper, some had design, and some were solid colors.


Here is a closer view to one of my favorite achievements, and as you can see there are two symbols in Chinese written on both sides. We were assigned to pick out two Chinese writing we believe best fit our poster, and I decided on these two. The one on the far left means Believe, and the one on the right means God.

I feel that these two words are very powerful and have great meaning to them and my picture. As you know every great artist names their work , and from what I have seen through the fascinating art galleries, I realized all titles of their work were uniquely named. So if I had to name my piece, I would name it after the two symbols I have chosen, and I believe they speak for themselves holding a valuable meaning to the entire piece. From the strong woman to her attire, all tying into the two unique symbols that hold the beliefs she abides by.


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