Wk-10 Artists {Kruse & Pena}

first oneIn the Merlino Art Gallery, I got the opportunity to see the incredible exhibition of 5620 . In my experience here at Cal State Long Beach, this had to be the most compelling one yet in the art galleries.

Not only did all the vibrant colors, unique patterns, and incredible structure all grasp your attention right from the start, but meeting the artist made it all the more enjoyable to witness.

The artist were named Kruse & Pena, they had a great bond with one another, and could be the reason for their show 5620 being so remarkable. The one on the left is Pena from Long Beach, and the one of the right is Kruse who is from San Fransisco. Although the two are from distinct backgrounds, and interesting fact is that they once disliked one another a lot. Putting aside their differences, they became great friends due to the passion and similarities they both had for Art. These were by far my favorite artist, because they talk to you no less than themselves, explain in detail how they are so passionate about art, and describing in depth there whole concept of their exhibition. artistt

main 1From the dynamic paintings to its fascinating walls, all tying into its theme, and in result making individuals or at least myself feel comfortable, willing to grasp the concept of there show.

Throughout the exhibition there is not one moment where there is not something to look at. Every single part of it had something you could observe or find a liking in. This one on the left was my favorite. I enjoy the painting of it, and adding the texture to a sort of pop up with the nails on its borders just caught my eye.

Each and every corner or walls had 2something you could enjoy looking at and I do not know how many times I went back in there to get a better look at it.

Not one time did I catch myself feeling boredom, instead I enjoyed all the dynamics of the show and could not stop trying to find something new and incredible to see within it.4

Everything is made, all objects deserve a purpose in the exhibition, and every 1strand of work served a purpose in order to tie into a meaning to this fascinating exhibition.

I would of course enjoy seeing more of their work, and I believe everyone is able to view their work while having their own interpretation of it, without feeling out of place and or lost.



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