Wk-11 Classmate (J-Jesus)

On Thursday I got the chance to meet a guy named J, and just to clear his name is only J. I thought it was pretty cool name to begin with and as we kept talking, he was also a cool guy to conversate with as well. FullSizeRender

One incredible thing I had found about  J was that he recently got married in December! I found that very exciting considering the fact that it is a major step in life and a wonderful one too. I also got the chance to meet his lovely wife Valeria, who is also in Art100. I wish these two the best in their marriage and a start to an  amazing next chapter in life.

Another interesting fact about J is the whole time we had a conversation, I had written everything down in order to remember our conversation, whereas J did not. He said that he has great memorization and he would remember pretty much everything. That to me is a great skill to have and for his major, which is Computer engineering goes perfect with one another. He is on his third year here at Cal State Long Beach and he is very involved with our school. Not only is he in two clubs, but he also works at the bookstore. So if you see him at our csulb bookstore give him a hello!


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