Wk-11 Sculpture: Plaster

This activity I had the experience to work with plaster for the first time. I enjoyed this activity very much, because I am a beach fanatic myself. The process was pretty smooth given the fact that I have never used it before, but because of the detailed directions and or video, it was pretty straight forward and fun to perform. IMG_0741

Although my foot didn’t come out perfectly and had a few cracks, it stayed together for the most part. The process of working with plaster, water, my foot, and making it into a sculpture, was enjoyable to do. I actually accomplished it on my first attempt, unlike Venice beach tagging on the walls. Even though for the previous activity I had done tagging twice it turned out good, this one on the other hand, I had done in one try and I was pretty content with the outcome.

I was pretty amazed to what plaster can do, and I was curious for what more it could be used for. I found out that plaster is used for many things, for example walls and  ceilings, which are the usual. Also a lot of sculptures, whether it would be a foot like I did, or a face and hands. It surprised me with all that you can do with plaster, and I think I would use it once again.


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