Wk-12 Artist: Piet Eppinga

FullSizeRenderIn the Marilyn Werby Gallery I got the privilege to view magnificent art created by Piet Eppinga.

This exhibition was named It’s About People and it presented fascinating ceramics with a concept of human beings and a twist of nature with a meaning.

IMG_0836The artist to the left named Piet Eppinga showed so much affection to his work and made everyone viewing his exhibition fully understand ever single aspects of his pieces. The detailed description he gave to each sculpture inspired me to  enjoy his work even more for the beauty each one possessed. I have never encountered an artist like Mr. Eppinga that will go several times around his show and explain to you with so much passion the meaning to his work. The reason why I thought to write about his work was because of the artist he is, and how passionate he was in order to make sure individuals viewed his magnificent work as he did.

IMG_0832The reason for the well descriptive and beautifully worded definition about the art was the reason why this one in particular stood out to me. It may look like a Japanese piece, but that is not meant to be represented that way, instead the piece creates its own style to it. The four circular shapes on the top represent earth, air, IMG_0835fire, and water.  So as you can see although it is about human beings, I decided to talk more in particular about the nature part of the exhibition. This is much more than what you believe it to be, and the opening of the sculpture also has a meaning to it. When the sculpture lid is closed it is closing off the oxygen from within and from coming out. The description  to this magnificent sculpture had way more meaning from the first second I laid my eyes on it and from the minute I had left, I developed a way better understanding at the end.

Not only did I understand this one in particular, but also all the other ones as well. What I got from this particular exhibition is that in life and or this show we interpret things with a visual perspective, but there is a far more greater meaning behind it. The moment I had seen the sculptures in  a more intelligible mind set I had a way more understanding to the fascinating sculptures within this gallery.


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