Wk-12 Classmate: Katie L.

IMG_0817 (1)This week I got to meet Katie who seems to be a pretty great person from what I got with our conversation. She was a really nice person to talk to and we did not have any awkward silence whatsoever.

Katie is a sophomore here at Cal State Long Beach and she tells me she loves it here so far and I couldn’t agree more! She comes from Downey, CA just like I do and her favorite color is blue just like me. Katie has a great liking to art, and one in particular is that she enjoys drawing. Another thing I had in common with Katie is that she likes the beach too! Another hobby she enjoys is running, and she is also involved with a club on campus. She has a total of five classes and as I mentioned she is in a club. So I’m guessing she is busy, which is a good thing because I am tend to be also. I rather stay busy and use my time wisely rather than being bored and not doing something productive.

Our conversation was a normal conversation and I enjoyed talking to her. It was not at all weird or feeling like I was being interviewed. We talked about many things for example how are experience at college is like so far, and a lot more topics. I really enjoyed talking to Katie and I suggest you take the chance to meet her!

Katie seems to have a bright future ahead of her with her major being electrical engineering and the fact that she uses her time productively. I wish her the best as she continues her years here at csulb and I know she will become successful.


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