Wk-12 Algorithmic Art (The art of Basketball)

The art of basketball is much more than the sport it represents, which is shooting the ball into a net. Although watching it can be exciting there is nothing more thrilling than actually playing the game. When I was a child the minute I first watched a game, was the exact same minute I knew I had to play it. Image-1 (3)

And so I did, but I did not know there was so much instructions and skill that was needed. As I learned them I loved it even more, and my passion for basketball grows even more as of today. I played basketball since I was 10 years old till I was 18 and although I do not play anymore, I watch it all the time and still love everything about it. I was learned at a young age how to shoot a basketball and I did not except it to have so much steps and skill needed in order to perfect a  shot.

Here are the 5 most important steps in order to perfect a shot and create a higher chance for shooting a basketball and making sure it is nothing but net.

Before you even focus on shooting the ball make sure you have perfect stance, When you think of stance think of the position of getting ready to run. Your stance is so that if someone tries to push you over, you are in perfect balance so that you won’t fallImage-1 (5)

  • 1) First, make sure your feet are about 12 to 18 inches apart to perform a strong stance. Then depending if you are left handed or right handed you adjust that foot to be a bit forward than the other. For ex: I’m left-handed so my left foot goes a bit further than my right one.
  • 2) After you have good position, you BEND. What I mean by that is you bend your knees not so much but at a perfect level still maintaining a good balance.The reason for this is because your legs have a big role in strengthening your shot.
  • So once the lower part of body is ready and in good position then you can start moving onto the arm work.
  • The first thing you do when you startImage-1 (4) working on your arm work is you make sure you have a basketball obviously and you grab your ball to the side of your waist in a triple threat position.
  • Note that depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed is where you hold the ball to your waist. For ex: Since I mentioned already that I’m left-handed I would hold it to my left side of my waist.
  • The dominant hand goes on the top of the ball while your other hand is on the side of the ball. A tip on how to do guide you through this is the lines of the basketball and when you see the lines horizontal that is where your dominant hand goes and the other hand goes on the side where all the lines come together.
  • 2) Then you LIFT, and by that you perform the second step. Which is making your back straight as well as lifting up the basketball towards the side of your head. Pretend that you’re sitting on an imaginary chair to complete this step.Image-1 (3)

3)So what you do next is EXTEND, and in doing this you are extending your arms straight up above your head. Then you are starting to create a good form in perfecting your  shot. More importantly, while you extend your arms you quickly start to perform the fourth step which is using your wrist to let go of your shot.

  • 4)What you do next is the fourth step and that is SNAP, and by this you are using your dominant wrist to let go of the ball in order to shoot. When you extend your arms you are going right into snapping your dominant wrist to let go of the ball and focus on the shot you are about to take. Concentrate on aiming the ball towards the back of the rim.

Once you perform this you are in a position where you have already let go of the ball but your form, stance and position should remain the same. Just as you see here form a great basketball player named Stephen Curry in the NBA. Image-1 (2)

  • 5) The last and final step is HOLD, and this means that your body should hold it’s position in a follow through after you release the ball. The second you let go of the ball you stay in that position to almost complete a perfect shot.
  • When you hold your follow through and keep your stance you are at higher risk of making your shot and having the ball go in the basket. Just as Curry has done here shown in this picture, and explains why all his three point shots always go in the basket with nothing but net.FullSizeRender (1)

I hope this specific skill from the many other basketball ones will perhaps make you see the art in it that it holds just as I do. Hence, the playoffs have just begun so make sure you watch a game! And hopefully you view it with a different mindset that helps you see the beauty the game holds.


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