Wk-13 Artist [Recapturing the Moment]

IMG_1278 (1)In the art galleries I got the chance to view the amazing work of an artist named Shihori Nakayama. Her exhibition was called Recapturing the Moment, it had well drawn art that looked impossibly to perform, but she did the impossible.

The artist, Shihori Nakayama seemed like a very nice person to talk to IMG_1280 (1)about her work, and she wasn’t afraid to explain in depth the meaning to her art. Her entire concept was to base it on her person life, and what is important to her. She hand drew all the photographs she had taken and it was unbelievably amazing. She truly has a great gift and I knew right what is was when I entered her exhibition. She enjoys creating line and mark through pen and ink, and is curious to see the result of it.

If you take a look in depth to her work, it is truly incredible that someone has the gift to perform a master piece like this.IMG_1277 I loved every drawing in there, and with all its detailed lines reaching the exact photograph that it previously was. This one at the bottom was by far my favorite, and I am still in aww with all the pieces that I got the honor to see. It was truly amazing to meet the person behind all this incredible drawing and I am honored to have witnessed her extraordinary talent take place.



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