Wk-13 Classmate (Rachel G.)

This week I got the chance to meet Rachel who is also a freshman here at Cal State Long Beach. She comes from Cypress and expressed how csulb was her first choice. She is currently undeclared but she might go into Human Development, which is a pretty great major from what I heard off.

She has a total of five classes and I know that can keep you busy since I do as well! For the most part she enjoys most of her classes but they each have their highs and lows, and I couldn’t agree more.

A few of her hobbies were editing pictures and videos, and I second that! I find an interest in editing pictures, and of course taking them as well. Another thing she enjoys to do is relaxing, and with having five classes I think that’s the best to do. 

She loves hanging out with friends and of course in the summer she loves to be out and about! It was really nice meeting Rachel and I wish her the best as she continues her years here at csulb. And hopefully she has an exciting summer since it is right around the corner! IMG_1267


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