Wk-14 Artist [Liminal]

This week in the art gallery I had the chance to view an exhibition called Liminal by a previous artist we have seen before named Yireh Elaine Kwak. As I recall her previous show I remembered I did enjoy her work as well, but I was not able to interview her till now. I am fortunate enough to have another opportunity to be able to see more of her incredible work.image1

One in particular really caught my eye, but all of her other work in the gallery were amazing to look at and hear about from the artist herself. The majority of the exhibition had vibrant colors and beautiful portraits I was able to see. It was really neat to experience this show in particular since I was able to see her work from weeks before. I feel like her work has a great meaning not only to her herself, but others are able to connect with the portrait and provide their meaning to it as well.

Miss Kwak seems like a down to earth artist and the one I enjoyed the most had agreat meaning to her. It was a portrait of what she misses from her previous hometown and it will always have apart of her life. I really liked how she indicated what is meaningful to her into a work of art for others to view as well. FullSizeRender (3)


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