Wk-14 Classmate (Keyshon T.)

This week I got the chance to meet Keyshon who was a pretty cool guy to meet! He is also a freshmen here at Cal State Long Beach just like myself, but he dorms here whereas I do not. Keyshon told me he does like to dorm here because not only can you meet great new people, but he said he’s able to be more involved at school. We mainly talked about sports and how we both enjoy them a whole lot and we do not know what we would do without them! FullSizeRender

He told me he played many sports in high school such as football, basketball, and volleyball. He also told me he tried playing tennis, and you could already tell he is pretty active. His favorite sport amongst them all was volleyball and I told him my favorite was basketball. It was really cool to hear about Keyshon and how he likes to be active, but that’s not all he does. He also enjoys doing many other things that includes hanging out with friends and etc.

It was really cool meeting Keyshon and I forgot to take a picture with him but I found this really neat one, which seems to me he is an out going guy like he said he was. So I wish him the best of luck as he explores what major to decide here at csulb!


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