Wk-15 Drawn Out! (with one of the artist)

FullSizeRender (2)In the art galleries this Thursday I had the chance to see extraordinary work of illustrations and animations. These great Drawings were all unique in their own way and I enjoyed every single one of them in each gallery. It was hard to decide on a favorite amongst them all, since they were all great in their own way, but if I had to choose one it would be this one right below.

This one was in the Werby Gallery and it caught my eye the second I walked into this exhibition. I feel like I have a certain connection with this piece and FullSizeRender (5)I just cannot stop gazing at it, for certain it is not like anything I have ever seen. I absolutely adore this one in particular and it makes me thankful that I am able to see work like this in my art 110 class. Even though I was unable to meet the artist, I was fortunate enough to meet a another great one!

I got to meet Rodger Barragan and as he puts it he is from the “Street of South Gate” and I find it fascinating how these talented artist come from different places and some in fact could be right near you. Unfortunately I was unable to take a picture of the artist, but I got a glance to what he had to saw. He expressed how art was always apart of his life and how he always loved to draw. He loves that with art you are capable to express what you like and what you dislike FullSizeRender (3)and just what “you” want to create.Rodger loves all sorts of aspects that art holds, but some in particular would be animated from characters of video games and the colors that follow. Rodger said he is ready to go out their and show the world what he is capable of doing, and right below is one of the amazing pieces he has done.

So my experience with the art galleries this week was one for the books! It has been a privilege to go every Thursday to the art galleries and be amazed every week. Thank you Art110 for helping be develop a better eye for the true art that is out there and yet still to come.FullSizeRender (1)



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