Wk-15 Classmate (Jairo U)

FullSizeRender (4)So this Thursday I was a bit late and I thought it would be tough to search for an interview as it usually is since people have interviewed others already , but Jairo was kind in doing a second one! As you can already guess it Jairo is a pretty nice guy from the second we started our conversation. It was really cool to talk with Jairo, and not awkward as some conversations were with previous classmates.

What I got to know about Jairo is that he is a full-time student and works full time as well. So not only is he a cool guy, but he seems to be like a hard worker too! He is 21 years old and cannot wait for summer and might have plans to visit his good brother from Mexico as well as maybe take a trip to Vegas! One cool thing he told me when I mentioned that I was from Downey was that He loves Portos and when he has the opportunity to go he will! He also told me he enjoys music and more specifically old school rap, and we also talked about a few cool movies. Jairo is already on his third year here at Cal State Long Beach majoring in communication, and enjoys his experience thus far.

It was really great meeting Jairo and I wish him the best of luck as he is approaching his fourth year next semester  and  soon to be graduating! Also goodluck with finals!


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